Meet our 2018 Artists!

Adriana Rolston is a Toronto-based writer and artist. Her art is rooted in intersectional feminism and explores themes of bisexual visibility, sex-positivity and body-positivity. She specializes in abstract vulva portraits using paper mache and a variety of mixed media. Her art uses tongue-in-cheek humour, pop-culture themes and reverent imagery to celebrate the unique diversity of vulvas while positioning the vulva as a beautiful, powerful force in our culture // @vulvarebel // [POP-UP MARKET, SATURDAY]

Alyssa Pisciotto is an emerging artist from LaSalle, Ontario. Now residing in Toronto. She graduated from OCAD University in 2016 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in Drawing and Painting and minoring in Printmaking. Quilting Queer is a visual narrative. Bouncing between the ideas of fine art and craft, she has broken from this tradition and combined the two to create this work. The piece is made in a way that mimics traditional quilting methods but interrupts this tradition by placing it in the context of fine art. The quilt is no longer a practical, purpose-made object. Although life-size and creating a feeling of being enveloped for the viewer, this feeling will be metaphorical rather than physical. Quilting has a deep history of story telling, and many of these narratives fall within traditional views of history, women’s work, and family. Through creating a work that is her own personal narrative as a contemporary artist, she is breaking from that tradition. The use of paper scraps is her way of connecting her personal narrative to the work. Using leftovers from past projects or bits of things collected over the years allows her to place together patterns and colours in a way that emphasizes her personal taste. [BEAVER HALL GALLERY]

Ama Scriver is freelance journalist best known for being fat, loud and shouty on the Internet. As a proud body image advocate, her activism work has been profiled in Now Magazine, Mashable, CBC Metro Morning, and The Toronto Star. Currently, Ama is a regular contributor to The National Post's Growth Op, FLARE Magazine and Brit + Co writing about everything from body politics, cannabis, and feminism. When she's not writing, she's usually watching trashy reality television, applying a bright lipstick or eating chips.


Amanda Isadore Apuksikn Amour-Lynx is a Mi’kmaq First Nations interdisciplinary artist, social worker and educator living in Toronto, Ontario, on Dish with One Spoon treaty territory. She was born and grew up in Tiotia:ke (Montreal). She is an OCAD University BFA student studying Drawing and Painting, minoring in Indigenous Visual Culture. Her work combines art and activism, focusing on Indigenous storywork and community-based approaches to explore healing trauma and collective truths. She incorporates spirituality, the occult and mysticism into her personal practice. [BEAVER HALL GALLERY]

Anita Dolman’s debut short fiction collection is Lost Enough (Morning Rain Publishing, 2017). She is a contributing editor for Arc Poetry Magazine, and co-edited Motherhood in Precarious Times, an anthology of non-fiction, essays and poetry (Demeter Press, 2018). Her poetry and fiction have appeared in journals and anthologies throughout North America, including Canadian Ginger, Hamilton Arts & Letters, Matrix Magazine, On Spec, Grain, PRISM international and Triangulation: Lost Voices. She is also the author of two poetry chapbooks, and was a finalist for the 2015 Alberta Magazine Award for fiction. [AUTHOR SHOWCASE, SATURDAY]

At Odds Collective was created as a platform for young artists to come together to create accessibility to the art market and to foster collaboration. The collective includes work from Natascha Malta, Enrique Gaudite, Krivvy and Sylvia Thorn. [POP-UP MARKET, SATURDAY]

Beauregard Deville has travelled the world in search of adventure, and he has a million tales to tell. He has climbed a mountain in Pakistan, scaled a waterfall in Jamaica, crashed a motorcycle in Cuba, and started a fight in a donut shop in Saudi Arabia. He has broken hearts, sacrificed in the name of love and cheated death. It was not long ago, he suddenly realized there was only one thing he had never done...own the stage as a drag king. He donned his first fedora last year with Kings & Classics at Buddies in Bad Times. This year, he also performed at the Fierce! International Queer Burlesque Festival, Speakeasy at the Revival and Pride Toronto. So far it's been the journey of a lifetime. [VELVET: A BI ARTS CABARET, SUNDAY]

Bianca Boom Boom - the Triple B with the Double D's and a High C -  is a multidisciplinary striptease sensation. This effervescent beauty has delighted audiences from coast to coast with her signature blend of wit, sass, charm and dazzling vocals.  She is a published pinup, an award winning chanteuse and has been featured in major burlesque festivals and queer events across North America.  [VELVET: A BI ARTS CABARET, SUNDAY]

Cassandra Loh is an emerging designer currently finishing her final year of Communication Design at the Auckland University of Technology. She has a penchant for using her work as a vehicle to further understand herself and the world around her, though her latest projects have all been focusing on different discrete aspects of identity. She is endlessly curious about learning new or uncommon skills and techniques, whether they stay in the realm of design, or extend outward to other creative pursuits. Her short teaser for her Day Bi Day project was also recently chosen as a finalist within her category in the Designers Institute of New Zealand’s Best Design Awards. [FILM & VIDEO SHOWCASE]

Catherine Jones - is a disabled activist, artist, and bi/queer femme. With Prickly Cactus Collage, she brings an eclectic collection of feminist, queer, and kink-positive buttons, magnets, postcards and greeting cards. Inspirations include elephants, the Irish coastline, chubby cats, the histories of Toronto’s queer communities, and bi+ flamingos. [POP-UP MARKET, SATURDAY]

CHERYL is a video artist collective and dance party that explores the themes of mortality, mania, the feline-human connection, the limits of shoulders, the flammability of dollar-store hair extensions, and the staining power of fake blood. Through themes ranging from topical to bizarre, the CHERYLs revel in the joyous power of dance-induced psychosis/euphoria. [FILM & VIDEO SHOWCASE]

Christine Demore (aka DemoreDemerrier) is an artist & writer who uses acrylic pour painting as a way to explore vulnerability, identity, living with mental illness, and abuse recovery. She is a proud feminist, bisexual, and mental health & justice warrior. She resides in downtown Toronto with her partner and cat, living the urban life this small town girl always dreamed about. [POP-UP MARKET, SATURDAY]

Ciel is an elusive catdeer who likes to bite, romance, and talk about symbols & personal myth. She is slowly venturing out of the wilds of liminal spaces to create works that are conversations between love and desire, personal mythology, decentralization, human rights, art, and technology. She uses storytelling, immersive installation, game design, and film to weave together visionary worlds where community interdependence, financial security, and blockchain technology support our human potential to the fullest. Ciel has performed and exhibited work in Winnipeg, Vancouver, and Toronto. She has been involved in everything from television production to immersive art installations. She has been a fan of crypto games since 2015 and is currently a curator for the international crypto arts organization Slothicorn, which rewards artists with cryptocurrency and educates them about blockchain technology. Ciel also co-created and helps maintain the CryptoKitties Wiki.

Claire Davis is a self-taught embroidery and textile artist that uses fabric, sewing and dye to visualize lived experiences of femme queerness, survivorship and activism. Claire's interest in embroidery started as an affordable way to make gifts for loved ones -- as she fell in love with the care required to stitch an image together millimeters at a time, embroidery became Claire's chosen medium. Claire is constantly taking in her environment and translating it to stitching. Incorporating found items, dyes and salvaged fabrics into her work builds context and sentimental relevance to pieces. [BEAVER HALL GALLERY]

Clementine Morrigan is a writer, poet, rebel scholar, teacher, and working witch. She writes the zine Fucking MagicThey are the author of three books: You Can’t Own the Fucking Stars (2018), The Size of a Bird (2017), and Rupture (2012). Her creative writing has appeared in the literary journals Prose & Lore and Soliloquies, and their scholarly writing has appeared in the academic journals Somatechnics, The Canadian Journal of Disability Studies, and Knots. She has also written for Guts Magazine and Shameless MagazineThey are the creator of two short films, City Witch (2016) and Resurrection (2013). Her creative, artistic, and scholarly works consider trauma, madness, addiction, sobriety, gender, sexuality, desire, queerness, polyamory, kink, magic, re-enchantment, environment, and more-than-human worlds. They facilitate workshops and guest lecture on a number of topics. She provides professional tarot reading services for individuals and events. They are a white settler of Irish, Scottish, and English ancestry living in Tiohtià:ke/Montréal. She is a sober alcoholic and a practitioner of trauma magic. [FILM & VIDEO SHOWCASE]

Davey Samuel Calderon (he/him/his pronouns) is a queer Filipino-Canadian, American born, theatre artist. He has his BFA in Theatre Performance and Communication from Simon Fraser University. Co-founder of New(to)Town Collective, an emerging theatre collective aspiring to provide accessible, experimental training workshops and creating new interdisciplinary works together. Current Resident Producer for Neworld Theatre. Recent performances include: Down in the Uncanny Valley (Nebula Theatre), Finders Keepers (Theatre in the RAW), Pipef@%! (Vancouver Fringe 2015), The Cold War (SFU Mainstage) and Two Birds on a Wire (Psyche Theatre). Recent directing credits include: KIND (Child): A Staged Reading (New(to)Town Collective) and Donut Holes in Orbit (Directing Projects 2013 & New(to)Town Collective). Currently in development for Vancouver Fringe Festival 2018 in association with Tender Container and Neworld Theatre is his first play: Big Queer Filipino Karaoke Night! [HOW TO SELF-SUSPEND, SATURDAY]

Dorianne Emmerton grew up in the woods on the North Channel of Lake Huron and currently lives in the metropolis of Toronto. She loves both of those environments, but wishes the drive between them didn’t take so long. Two of her short stories will be featured in the upcoming 2018 anthologies Ink Stains and Tesseracts Twenty-One, and previous work has been included in the anthology Friend. Follow. Text #storiesFromLivingOnline; and Issue #1 of Beer And Butter Tarts, as well as a personal essay in A Family By Any Other Name: Exploring Queer Relationships. She is currently working on a space opera novella in collaboration with Ottawa band Saturnfly, and a novel about occult magic in Northern Ontario. She has a wonderful chosen family, an adorable son, and a black cat. [CURATOR - AUTHOR SHOWCASE]

Eric Folsom is a 66 year old bisexual poet from Kingston, Ontario. He has published four books, including "What Kind of Love Did You Have In Mind?" and "Icon Driven" from Wolsak & Wynn, and more recently "Le Loutre: a Poetry Narrative" from Woodpecker Lane Press. A native of New England, he is a dual citizen of Canada and the U.S., the father of two sons and the son of two mothers. He served as Kingston's first poet Laureate from 2010-2014 and came out publicly during that time. [AUTHOR SHOWCASE, SATURDAY]

Eris Eady currently serves as Program Director of the LGBT Community Center Greater Cleveland. She has lectured at high schools and colleges on topics of social justice, leadership, diversity and cultural competence including Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland State University, The Ohio State University, Kent State University, Akron University, Beaumont High School, and Andrews Osborne Academy. Eris’ writing has been featured in The Guardian, For Harriet, The Root, and she’s interviewed with the BBC, and Al Jazeera. Eris joined Eccentric Visions of Evolution (E.V.E.), Ohio’s first all-female poetry collective in 2002 she then joined the 3rd generation of Black Poetic Society; Cleveland’s first all-black poetry Collective in 2010. In March of 2009 Eris fulfilled her dream of performing on the Apollo Stage in Harlem, New York where she came in 2nd place. Eris was the coach for the 2010 & 2011 Brave New Voices international poetry slam team at Cleveland’s Playhouse Square, and has volunteered countless hours towards the poetry community in Greater Cleveland. In 2010 she launched Strange7Fruit, an earring and accessory line that acknowledges the brutal history of the American-African. In 2013 Eris stepped out on faith and competed in the Women of the World Poetry Festival in Minneapolis, Minnesota where she made it to final stage and came in 7th Place representing the Lake Effect Poetry Team. Eris is a member of the Cleveland Association of Black Storytellers, and the National Association of Black Storytellers.  Eris is currently obtaining her Master's in Positive Organizational Development & Change from the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University. She loves to cook, laugh, dance, and is passionate about bisexual visibility. She co-created the Cleveland Bisexual Network; a social and support collective for the greater Cleveland Bi+ community.  Eris Eady’s first full length book Journey To Whole: Excerpts, Essays and Exhales is available now!  [WOMANNISH, THURSDAY]

Femmeboyant Designs is for queers, pervs, weirdos and pals. Created by a genderqueer, spoonie femme of colour, Femmeboyant Designs has something to say. Leather flogger earrings, reversible print-on-print bowties, and customized wire word earrings, necklaces and collar chains act as celebration and armor. Hand crafted with crystals and love. [POP-UP MARKET, SATURDAY]

Fuzzwumpet offers handmade, beautifully designed self-care kits for anyone who gets triggered or overstimulated while out and about. My products are designed based on my own experience with PTSD, anxiety and autism and informed by skills and strategies used in trauma therapy. [POP-UP MARKET, SATURDAY]

Gwendolyn Audrey Foster is the Willa Cather Endowed Professor of English and Film Studies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She attended Douglass College for Women, part of Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ, where she earned her BA in English and a certificate in Women's Studies.  She later earned her Masters degree and her doctorate in English, with an emphasis on cinema studies, women's literature, and popular culture, and now teaches courses specializing in film, class, race and gender studies, as well as eco-critical approaches to film and popular culture. Her documentary film, Women Who Made The Movies, is distributed by Women Make Movies, New York, and has become a classic in the field of feminist cinema history. [FILM & VIDEO SHOWCASE]

Hanlon McGregor is a trans and queer writer/performer/film maker with a BA in Acting from Dalhousie University, performed professionally, and co-wrote fringe theatre in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, and taught dance and movement to acting students at Memorial University. Hanlon founded and ran an independent dance company in Toronto from 1998-2006. In 2012 Hanlon began writing and performing monologues based on his personal exploration of gender and coming out to himself as trans. This led to writing the play Unexpectedly Trans, with co-writer Mihaly Szabados, which premiered as a workshop at the Halifax Fringe in 2017. Hanlon and Mihaly developed material from the play to make the short film Holding Hands with the Awkward (2018). In March, the OAC awarded Hanlon a playwriting grant for ‘Bubble Trans Pride’ which premiered as a workshop production at Halifax Fringe in 2018. [FILM & VIDEO SHOWCASE]

Heather Robertson is a Toronto-based printmaker and illustrator. Her artwork is a personal essay of love, loss, depression, and coping mechanisms, expressed through a combination of high contrast text and line drawings. Her most recent work takes printing and illustrating live with public demonstrations and spontaneous collaborations. To get in contact you can find her at @djbreakfast on Instagram. [POP-UP MARKET, SATURDAY]

JL Whitecrow is an emerging Ojibway multi-disciplinary artist from Seine River First Nation, Treaty #3 and lives in Toronto. Her practice includes writing, filmmaking, visual art, music, comedy, and performance. Her latest short film is a documentary about a Lacrosse playing community in Fort Erie, produced by the National Film Board and the Ontario Federation of Indigenous Friendship Centres and will be released late 2018. She is also a member of Manifest Destiny’s Child —an Indigenous female comedy collective that has performed across venues in Toronto and at special events including the AGO, ROM, and TIFF parties. [VELVET: A BI ARTS CABARET, SUNDAY]

Jonathan Rollins is an assistant professor of English and Cultural Studies at Ryerson University. His primary areas of research focus on studies in sex, gender, and sexuality, as well as on narratives of diaspora and migration. [BEAVER HALL GALLERY]

Jordan Campbell is a queer performance artist and creator with a focus on high-aesthetic content and dance. (Th)(s)he(y) is part of xLq, a body of POP ART performance based in ritual and physical play, dedicated to developing new forms of audience engagement for the 21st century brain. xLq recently produced 4inXchange, a business meeting for four participants at a time centred around $1000 cash (commissioned by Nightswimming). Jordan is also a teacher at Purple Carrots Inclusive Drama Studio. Recent performance credits include 72-Person Ball Passing (Charles Moulton, FFDN) and The Youth/Elders Project (Evalyn Perry, Buddies in Bad Times). [VELVET: A BI ARTS CABARET, SUNDAY]

J.R. Yussuf - Coming Soon [FILM & VIDEO SHOWCASE]

Kat Pruss is an artist and illustrator who explores themes of self and sexuality in a narrative context. She studied Visual Art at University of Toronto and Design at Seneca College. Her most recent book was published by Steel Bananas, (Vancouver, Leeds), with funding from The Canada Council for the Arts. [EDITOR & DESIGNER, CRUSH]

Katie Sly (they/them/their pronouns) is a trans writer, performer, curator and producer. They are the General Manager of Swallow-a-Bicycle Theatre. Katie grew up on welfare in Montreal and hold no degrees. Their work most often deals with the body. They are the recipient of Buddies in Bad Times Theatre’s 2016 Queer Emerging Artist Award and their play Charisma Furs was published by Playwrights Canada Press in June 2018. Katie’s play Serenity Wild was the winner of the 2017 Wildfire National Playwriting Competition. Katie writes the award-nominated ongoing non-fiction column Rougher with Feeling for Xtra (Canada’s national LGBTQ2S media outlet). Katie is an advocate for bisexual+ cultural expression, and since 2014 they have been producing and curating Too Queer: A Bi Visibility Cabaret. Katie was a performance curator for the 2018 Toronto Pride festival. [HOW TO SELF-SUSPEND, SATURDAY]

Keet Geniza is an artist born and raised in Manila. MAKE! SHIFT! LOVE! is a project and practice that centers the intertwined processes of making, shifting and loving as a queer, brown, pinay femme immigrant. Through representational art and illustrations, comics, writings and zines, MAKE! SHIFT! LOVE! is a practice that facilitates her ongoing quest to untangle and reconcile the roots of past woundings, explore and transform her engagement with solitude and invisibility, and navigate the cusps between personal heritage and narrative reinvention. [POP-UP MARKET, SATURDAY]

Khafre Kujichagulia Abif - We regret to announce that Khafre has cancelled his appearance at the Bi Arts Festival. [AUTHOR SHOWCASE, SATURDAY]

Kimberley Dewing is a Toronto-based artist, illustrator, and designer. Her passion is working in watercolour. Kimberley's greatest sources of inspiration are the sensual and pragmatic qualities of the human form, the beauty and folk-lore of local plants species, and her experiences in the city as a queer woman.  Social Media: Instagram @ Kviolets // Twitter @ kimberleydewing // Website @ [POP-UP MARKET, SATURDAY]

L'Amour-Propre makes queer and sex positive accessories. The business came about from us wanting more options for stylish, minimalist, kink and queer friendly goods. We make engraved keychains, pins, and jewelry, as well as leather accessories. L'Amour-Propre is also the sister company of Weal and Breech, which focuses on making high-quality BDSM implements. [POP-UP MARKET, SATURDAY]

Lana Kouchnir is an award-winning performance artist and arts facilitator. Her writings and performances center queer Ukrainian folklore and mythology and are driven by a multidisciplinary, community-based approach to storytelling. Lana graduated from the 2015-2016 Transdisciplinary Arts Residency at the Watah Theatre; she was a recipient of the Watah Theatre's Outstanding Performance Award for her workshop presentation of Vovk, a one-woman play created under the mentorship and dramaturgy of d'bi. young anitafrika. She was selected as a 2015-2016 City of Ottawa 'Youth in Culture' Youth Advisory Committee member and is currently working on her first poetry collection.  [VELVET: A BI ARTS CABARET, SUNDAY]

Laura Innis - karmabeads is a labour of love for Laura Innis, a queer enby artist who handmakes one of a kind wearable works of art. Her work incorporates semi-precious gemstones, recycled glass and (her own) hand-twisted wire beads. One area of Laura’s designs emphasize colourways that represent the diversity of rainbow communities, with a particular focus on those who wish to wear colours that represent them, but in an understated way. [POP-UP MARKET, SATURDAY]

leah benetti - "pseudonym" is the nefarious brain-child of leah benetti. It began in late 2015, when she forsake the bitter shores of the university and lake ontario, to joining of the spontaneous prose store in new orleans, where she bound books for street poets and learned the art of poet 4 hire herself, which she continued practicing upon her return to canada. She has written poems in numerous cities, on numerous topics, for numerous people,  and she hopes that thru this medium and thru her future mediums, her viewers will feel understood and vulnerable in human ways. [POP-UP MARKET, SATURDAY]

Leah Sandals is a writer and editor based in Toronto. Her poetry and short fiction is published or forthcoming in Room, Freefall and Three. [AUTHOR SHOWCASE, SATURDAY]

Lynx Sainte-Marie, Afro+Goth Poet, is a multidimensional artist, activist & educator of the Jamaican diaspora. A poet across mediums, Lynx utilizes multiple art forms – writing, performance, visual art, storytelling, multimedia art installation, short film and song – to engage national and international audiences around issues of identity, adversity, liberation, resiliency and survival at the intersection. They have presented, lectured and served as a keynote speaker at several colleges, universities, conferences and symposiums and have trained a plethora of individuals and organizations on various issues related to Black and marginalized communities. Their work has recently been showcased in Romania, The Netherlands, England and the United States. Their short film way home is featured in the 2018 WNDX Festival of Moving Image in Winnipeg, MB. For more on Lynx's travels, visit [BEAVER HALL GALLERY]

Mihaly Szabados Mihaly Szabados hails from Hungary, where he worked extensively in film and stage. Mihaly moved to LA and spent three years in Los Angeles at Sal Rome’s Artists Studio and at Maria Gobetti’s Acting Studio of Victory Theatre, learning directing and new theatrical approaches. Since moving to Toronto in 2012, he has appeared in a principal role in Murdoch Mysteries. His short film, The Legend of Iza won an honourable mention in 2015 at the Canadian and International Short Film Festival. Mihaly wrote, directed, and produced Iza the Brave in the 2016 Toronto Fringe Kids Festival. He has over 80 credits on IMDB. Mihaly co-wrote and performed in ‘Unexpectedly Trans’ at the 2017 Halifax Fringe. [FILM & VIDEO SHOWCASE]

Melissa Taylor is a recent graduate of the Master of Fine Arts Playwriting program at the University of Victoria. She has worked extensively as an actor, playwright, and creator in Victoria, BC, collaborating with hapax theatre, Theatre Inconnu, Langham Court Theatre, and Impulse Theatre. Recent credits include Elizabeth Proctor in Hart House Theatre's The Crucible, performer/creator of rePLAY: Declarations Eating, and was a member of Nightwood Theatre's Young Innovator Program in 2017/2018.  [VELVET: A BI ARTS CABARET, SUNDAY]

Mona Faith Mousa is a spoken word poet and motivational speaker living in Toronto Ontario. Having toured actively her whole poetry career, last year alone Mona has booked over 200 shows all over North America. ​ When she is at home Mona is heavily active in all facets of her community as the founder and director of Feather & Anchor a talent management agency serving performance artists from the BIPOC & LGBT communities. ​ Over the past 10 years Mona’s mission has been to work to empower people to engage in discussion. The mission is about promoting real love, love as an action that we commit to unconditionally. This love is about safe spaces no matter your religion, social class, gender or sexual orientation. The mission is education & tolerance, no exceptions. [VELVET: A BI ARTS CABARET, SUNDAY]

Monster Cliche is the love child of staying up late to watch anime and stumbling upon "Fridays Without Borders" on Showcase. A mix of cute, colourful, spooky, and lewd, Monster Cliche is a representation of queer sexuality which hopes to inspire others to be fearless. [POP-UP MARKET, SATURDAY]

Mugabi Byenkya was born in Nigeria to Ugandan/Rwandan parents and is currently based between Kampala and Toronto. They spent their life across Africa, Asia and North America. Mugabi was longlisted for the Babishai Niwe Poetry Award in 2015, has been featured on Brittle Paper, The Good Men Project, African Writer, Arts and Africa and The Kalahari Review amongst others. Their writing is used to teach international high school English reading comprehension. His debut novel, ‘Dear Philomena,’ was published in 2017 and he recently concluded a 30 city North America/East Africa tour in support of this. An advocate for the intersection of arts, chronic illness, social justice, and literacy, Mugabi leads workshops in effective writing, poetry, performance, vulnerability, mental and chronic illness for youth and adults.   [AUTHOR SHOWCASE, SATURDAY] and [VELVET: A BI ARTS CABARET, SUNDAY]

Natalie Very B. is a published Polish-Canadian illustrator and educator. Her artistic career is based on investigation of whimsical shapes of feminism in today’s world, as well as teaching creative skills to the youth. Her paintings reveal many Slavic folklore influences, while myths and legends are a constant source of inspiration whenever she creates a new body of work. Equality between sexes is a major issue in today’s society and a strong incentive for her to make illustrations that depict women as beautiful, empowered, and strong. Her artwork emanates wistful longing, tangible nostalgia, and exploration of the concept of “home” as a haunting visual element. [POP-UP MARKET, SATURDAY] and [BEAVER HALL GALLERY]

Paige Robertson is a conceptual photographer who dreams of the cosmos and the infinite potential our universe hosts. She spends her time on earth investigating memories, mental illness, the complexities of personal relationships and The Self / / // IG // [POP-UP MARKET, SATURDAY]

Pillow Talk features handmade pillows crafted in Toronto using locally-manufactured, 100% recycled, hypoallergenic, machine-washable stuffing, and new and upcycled fabrics.  Check out current inventory at //[POP-UP MARKET, SATURDAY]

Samantha Jones is a recent graduate from the University of Guelph, completing her final year in the specialized studio program. Working out of her home in the GTA, her work has been exhibited in Aurora, Guelph, Orillia, and Toronto. She is due to be part of the fellowship program at the Mississauga Living Arts Centre starting this September. [BEAVER HALL GALLERY]

Shanika Maria is a Singer-Songwriter from Hamilton, Ontario. She has been playing and performing around Southern Ontario since 2014. In the summer of 2017, she released her debut EP "Childish Games". The EP was a mix-mash of folk-acoustic tunes with a title track pop single. In 2018, Shanika is set to release her full length album “Subtle Uncertainties”. In this upcoming album, Shanika seeks to blur the lines and refuses to put her music in a box. "Subtle Uncertainties" takes on a more produced, full sound that embodies styles that range from pop electronic, beach rock, dark country and folk with support from Hamilton producer Aaron Hutchinson. Shanika explores themes of empowerment, societal expectation, identity and relationships through her music. [VELVET: A BI ARTS CABARET, SUNDAY]

Shelby McLeod is a Toronto based illustrator and screen printer who uses her practice as a vehicle to tell stories that are familiar and representational of day to day life, inspired by alleyways, commuting around the city as well as snapshots into the minutiae of her own and friends personal lives. She creates illustrations, zines and ephemera that explore these themes of femme disabled life in the city.  Shelby generates work that is a pleasure to make and observe. A graduate of OCAD University with a BFA in Illustration and a minor in screen printing currently practicing out of her studio in the Junction, Toronto. [POP-UP MARKET, SATURDAY]

Yahn Nemirovsky is a Toronto-based artist pursuing a BFA in Material Art & Design: Textiles at OCAD University, and working primarily in stitching, illustration and printed media. They are invested in a material and literary research of the narrative power of object art to demonstrate the craftsperson’s “making of body” by means of their labour, made palpable. Yahn’s work is driven by their body as a queer trans person in love, in intimacies, and eating whole raw vegetables on their walk to work. With great relish for two object realms in particular—those of zines and stitching samplers—they create objects which exist in the intersections of the fast, made-for-circulation ethos of much of zine culture, and the slow, one-of-a-kind making that is involved in much of domestic craft. At these intersections, a personal needlepoint piece is a comic to be shared, zines are soft and squishy, and works loom in and out of an awareness of BACK/FRONT, public/interior, and circulated/private.