Hi, How are You Today?

Location: Your laptop or phone
When: Happening now and during the Festival
Link: To leave message for Catherine

How are you today? How are you *really* doing today? To participate, leave Catherine Jones a voice message. She says “You have 3 minutes to tell a story, cry with abandon, share a secret, let me know how you are doing, ask a question, sing, share a poem or a coming out story, share an observation of daily life, ask me a question, anything! The floor is yours. You can call back as often as you like; even every day.” Submissions will be shared – anonymously – both as is and as soundscapes, at a listening party during the Festival.

Happening Now
Accepting Submissions

The Human Library

Location: Zoom
When: September 19 to 27th, various dates and times
Apply on Website: https://www.biartsfestival.com/humanlibrary
Apply on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/780328202720139

We bring the library to life. Instead of offering books made of paper, though, we offer a real person that can be signed-out for a one-to-one conversation, with a goal of breaking down barriers. It is a place where personal stories and experiences come together and “readers“ listen, question, share and learn.  Our “books“ share diverse life experiences, stories and perspectives in an effort to create understanding, awareness of others and also to create a sense of community.


Our “books“ belong to one or many diverse groups in society that are often stigmatized as a result of who they are, choices they have made, or an experience they have had. We want to break through the stereotypes and prejudices that divide people by creating a safe space where honest conversations can take place, and curious questions can be asked.  

Zoom Event
Accepting Submissions