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Bellamie Beastly

Bellamie Beastly

BELLAMIE BEASTLY, the Belligerent Bombshell, has been delighting audiences with her signature blend of fiery pinup vivacity and semi-innocent ingenuity since January 2018. Based in Toronto, Canada, this bisexual buxom bouncing burlesque babe has dabbled everywhere from goofy nerdlesque to cheeky classic to valiant vulnerability, and she has taken her art as far as New York City for the International Nerdlesque Festival. In these queer quarantimes, she has also been found lighting up the virtual stage for audiences all over to enjoy, including the Quarantine Burlesque Festival and NYC-based D20 Burlesque.

Photo credit: Fanny Valentine 

Bianca Boom Boom

Bianca Boom Boom

The ‘Triple B With The Double D’s And A High C’ is a curvy, campy, queer cutie with a fever for glamour and a fetish for beauty.A true triple threat treat, this award-winning high femme has dazzled stages from Montreal to Vancouver, from New York to L.A, and many places in between.In addition to their onstage escapades, Mx. Boom Boom is a tutor of tease and self love sorcery. They also serve on the committees of the Bi+ Arts Festival and the Toronto Burlesque Festival. They are a showoff showpony and cabaret creatrix of the highest degree, and as all who have seen them in action are sure to agree, will steal your heart and leave you spellbound.

Photo Credit: Kirsty Boyce

Cara De Melo

Cara de Melo

CARA DE MELO is an interdimensional burlesque performer borne to the royal reptilian gods. The Lizard Queen enraptures and bewitches her audience with honey-coated striptease, a soul snatching gaze, and unpredictable storytelling through costuming and movement. Amber Helene Müller St. Thomas (b. 1986) is a Canadian artist based in Toronto. Their artistic practice is based in developing performative and disruptive actions that include interactive elements of touch and multifarious queer gestures. They primarily work in lens-based media and performance art. They are interested in communal interaction, materiality, tactility, desire, and the potential for objects to function as both symbols of self and surrogates for intimacy.

Dainty Smith

DAINTY SMITH is a Toronto based Actor, Burlesque Performer, Playwright, Producer, and Speaker.

Dainty believes that through the art of storytelling and a willingness to be exposed that genuine human connections can be made. Her performances often tell deeply vulnerable stories regarding race, religion, sexuality and challenging social boundaries.  

Dainty studied performing arts at George Brown College and is a powerful self taught storyteller, performer, and orator.

She performed in the acclaimed independent theatre group Les Blues. She was a co-producer in the independent performance art collective Colour Me Dragg.

Some of her work includes:

Allyson Mitchell’s performance art piece Killjoy’s kastle: A Lesbian Haunted House.

Victoria Mata’s multidisciplinary Callejon de Memoria: The Embodiment Of Memory.

Assistant director for Shaunga Tagore’s play Letters To The Universe

Principal actor in katie Sly’s play Serenity Wild

She wrote and self produced a multidisciplinary play titled Daughters Of Lilith .

The second play by Dainty Smith is titled Blood And Memory.

Her diverse array of stage performances include the Mayworks Festival, Rock. Paper. Sistahz for B Current Theatre, Caminos Festival for Aluna Theatre, The Rhubarb Festival at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, Artscape, and Daniels Spectrum Theatre.

She is the founder of Les Femme Fatales: Women of Colour burlesque troupe, the first burlesque troupe for women of colour in Canada.

Photo Credit: Saajid Motala

Dolly Berlin

Dolly Berlin

DOLLY BERLIN  is “high-femme, low brow” and proudly Indigiqueer. This bump n grind beauty has delighted audiences for over a decade with her blend of raw sensuality, humour, and retro styled charm.

Photo Credit: Marisa Parisella

El Toro

EL TORO is Toronto’s LatinX Lover. They will steal your heart with their blend of high energy dance, theatricality, and face for days. Monarch of Burlesque/ Lili St.Cyr winner of the 2018 Montreal Burlesque Festival.  A member of Boylesque T.O. (Most Comedic: BHOF 2018) and the Gentleman’s Club. Toro has featured and headlined in shows/ festivals across 3 continents.

Photo credit: Mitchel Raphael photography

Fannie Fullenweider

Once upon a time, Fannie found themselves in an endless time warp performing with Ottawa’s own Rocky Horror Picture Show shadow cast “The Absent Friend.” Drawing inspiration from one of it’s underrated characters, Fannie decided to not just “Dream it” but “Be it.” From then on, they’ve strapped on their girdle, took multiple classes and workshops, and now brings forward their over the top, loud..slightly but delightful, vulgar cheeky cheeks to the burlesque stage and has never looked back. For what Fannie lacks in class, they makes up for with a whole lot of ass. Move over Broadway, cause Canada’s Corpulent Clown is about to take up space…and then some.

Photo Credit: DollyShots Photography

Imogen and Sydney Quest

Imogen Quest is a genderqueer, mixed-race, Indo-Guyanese activist and artist of many disciplines. They are the driving force behind queer clown collective #ClownsKillEmpires, as well as a member of Les Femmes Fatales Women of Colour Burlesque. A darling of theatre and burlesque festivals worldwide. With a cartoon aesthetic and a true understanding of clown, they’ve been teasing, pleasing, and confusing cabaret audiences for over ten years to great acclaim.

Dapper and dashing, Sydney Quest frankly, will make you give a damn! Born graceful, grown rogueish, when they take hold of you, there is no fooling around. Proud son of burlesque sensation Imogen Quest, Sydney is a welcome surprise in the Toronto cabaret scene with their touching portrayals of masculinity within and beyond the binary.



IVORY is a multi discipline performer known best for her booty shakin’, shenanigan making, and a voice that just won’t quit. A graduate of Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts, this former Miss Canada Plus has graced stages across Canada, the US and abroad, and is delighted to be performing on this show! A member of the Succulent Six, Canada’s team of curvy superSHEroes (check out their show on YOUTUBE and CBC.CA), and Les Femmes Fatales: Women of Colour Burlesque Troupe, you can follow her antics on Instagram and twitter @pureivorydotca or online at

Photo Credit: Crave Boudoir