You’ve probably seen #BisexualMenExist trending on twitter this week. All I can say is YEAH YEAH YEAH! Lots of love to our bisexual, pansexual and two spirit friends!

Here are some folks to follow on twitter – mostly bi and pan men + genderqueer and/or non-binary artists. These are a few of our fave authors, actors, creators, craftspeople and filmmakers, who have a shared history with the Bi Arts Festival

  • @mugabsb
    Mugabi Byenkya, award-winning writer & occasional rapper. Words in: @newreadermedia, @active_muse, @baddogmag & over 20 other publications. Father of 1: Dear Philomena.
  • @alecwhitewolf
    Alec Butler, Métis playwright, filmmaker, activist, student, trans man, Two-Spirit, non-binary, intersex. [Bi Arts Film Showcase 2018]
  • @InkStainedWreck
    Ben Berman Ghan, author of What We See in the Smoke @Crowsnestbooks, MA Student @ryerson_english, editor @tersejournal @whitewallreview Jewish, half-deaf , bi, He/him. [Bi Arts Author Showcase 2019]
  • @yaspetitpoulet
    Belgian-Lebanese queer artist based in Montreal. Works on gender identity and mental health. Artist, Advocate, Writer. He/Him.
  • @clifknightcomic
    Clif Knight, Guyanese born, Toronto-based actor and comedian. [Bi Arts Festival 2019]
  • @DrHerukhuti
    Artist, director, editor, author, sexologist and co-creator of the documentary @NoHomoNoHetero [Film Showcase 2018]
  • @DavidJayOkay
    David J. Cork, actor, writer, director, creator of @bi_thewebseries Chief Creative Officer @4ubius [Film Showcase 2018]
  • @EricFolsom1
    Kingston poet, retired library worker, father of two fantastic men, and still Bisexual. [Bi Arts Author Showcase 2018]
  • @cornbreadfish
    Khafre Kujichagulia Abif, Bisexual, AIDS activist and editor of Cornbread, Fish and Collard Greens: Prayers, Poems & Affirmations for People Living with HIV/AIDS
  • @TheRoughGo
    Jimmy Ruffian – the daily misadventures of a musician, writer, and rogue scholar with a lousy day job. Toronto, Ontario
  • @RJSuresha
    Author, editor, anthologist, folklorist, bisexual/activist, ukulelist. Dadbodded husbear of @zibaldon + Daddy of Rozie. Head chopper @BearBonesBooks. He/him/his [Big Bi Nibble 2018]
  • @rickinnis
    Settler Canadian. Technology (my day job), politics (too important to leave to professionals), whisky (because WHISKY!), he/him/them/they. Also musician (one-third of the band Bi Riot) . [Bi Arts Cabaret 2019]
  • @JRYussuf
    Nigerian-American NY native who happens to be bisexual & the award winning author of The Other F Word: Forgiveness + Actor (he/they) Created #BisexualMenSpeak [Bi Arts Film Showcase 2018]
  • @Bearlybent
    Stephen, bi activist, writer, friend, diabetic, sleep-troubled, bear, and an organizer of Bi Arts Festival.
  • @SexInWords
    Jon Pressick- Sex writer—editor of Best Sex Writing of the Year—frequent contributor to @kinkly @cherrybanana

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