Bi+ Pride Virtual Choir: Deadline Extended

Submissions open June 1st and are NOW CLOSING Sunday August 16th at midnight. We acknowledge, recognize and support the revolutionary work that is happening right now worldwide, to address anti-Black racism and violence against BIPOC.
We also want to hold space for queer and bi+ community events that challenge bi-erasure, connect us together, and give us nourishment as we undertake this difficult work. The video release date will NOW be September 23, 2020.


We are going to be singing Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now”, one of the most (b)iconic songs in Queen’s music catalogue. Everyone is welcome to participate, with a focus on elevating the voices of bi+, pansexual, fluid, 2spirit community members and our allies.

Video with Lyrics – to familiarize yourself with the song.

Original Queen version + lyrics

You will be singing along to one of the two guide tracks, with a count-in of 1,2,3,4 before you start singing. Important: you are submitting a video that contains your voice and image only. We should not hear the backing track in the video you send. As we explain below, listen to the track on your headphones and sing away (just make sure you are in time with the music and you count in).

A short video welcome from Ruth, with some great tips!

Here are your instructions

  • Download the lyrics (print out if that helps)
  • The lyrics are separated into high and low melodies.
  • Practice, and then record yourself singing along to either the music+backing track version -OR- the music+full vocal version. (Feel free to download these tracks). Don’t forget your count in (1,2,3,4)
Music+Full Vocal (sing along with me)
Music+Backing Vocal (sing along with me)
  • Don’t forget -we want only your voice and image in the final video you send. (Backing track on your headphones only).
  • It feels good to practice!  We recommend about an hour practicing, but take as long as you like to feel comfortable.
  • When you’ve got your part down, as you listen to the guide track with headphones, record a video of yourself singing with a phone or another camera. To help us sync up the vids, please count in the “1, 2, 3, 4” before you begin to sing. SUPER IMPORTANT: what you send us is VOICE and VIDEO only. We should not be hearing the backing track (the backing track will come to you via your headphones). YOUR VOICE & IMAGE ONLY in your video!
  • As for sound quality try and record yourself in a room or environment that is not too empty that would create lots of reverb. Carpeted floor versus hardwood floor is way better for sound. A wall of drapes would be a perfect backdrop. If you have a podcast or voiceover microphone that you can connect to your camera that would be nirvana!
  • Shoot your video in a space with good light. Don’t shoot into the sun – don’t make it backlit. We want to see your face!
  • Only submit your best take from beginning to end. Record it as many times as you like but only send us one!
  • Upload your video from your device or computer using WeTransfer (or other file transfer service) to Be sure to write your name AS YOU WOULD LIKE IT TO BE CREDITED at the end of the finished video. You can enter this in the “message” box on WeTransfer. This can be your first name, a nickname, a pseudonym, anonymous, or your full name.


  • If you like, write a short message for the world on a card and hold it up to the camera at some point during the video when you’re not singing. Maybe it could be about Queen, maybe it could be about Bi+ Pride, maybe something about how you feel in the moment as you record yourself.  If you are an ally this is a great time to share a sign that says “I Love My Bisexual Kid” or “I Love My Pansexual Mom”
  • Wear your bi or pan pride buttons, stickers, t-shirts or sing in front of your pride flag.

Fine Print/Legal

By submitting your video and audio to Toronto Bi+ Arts Festival and Toronto Bi+ Network you consent to your video and audio being edited and distributed online via video and social media channels. You will be identified in the credits only by the name you provide, supplied to us on submission of video file. For more information or questions, please contact Catherine Jones (she/her) at:


  1. Hi, can I take part in the video if I’m in Mexico City?

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