Consent matters. Ask first if someone is open to receiving a message from you, or exchanging contact information, if they ignore or decline take that as a No. In most rooms, private messaging is turned off.

You do not have to stay in any session if you don’t want to.

You can leave at any time, please do so quietly to try and do not announce you are leaving as that can be disruptive. Just exit quietly. You are welcome to come back in to the room when you are ready.

Please cover up – this is not a clothing optional Festival. We are not at Hanlon’s Point! Remember that you are responsible for what can be seen and heard in your background. Please turn off your video or mute yourself if something problematic is happening (like someone walking around with no clothes on or a loud television, radio or argument.)

In some events you will have the choice to be on camera or not, in others you will just be in the audience. All guests start muted and with cameras off by default.

Respect safe space and do not out anyone under any circumstances. Do not assume that you know somebody’s sexual identity, gender identity, pronouns, race or ethnic background, ability or dis/ability or other important elements of identity based on their appearance. Allies are welcomed to our events, and while some of us embrace labels, some of us may be in between labels or trying them on for size. A person may have hidden disabilities or be invisible along other dimensions, for instance passing as white. Do not assume, and also, do not pester anyone to share their identity with you.

If there are issues please reach out to the tech in each room, or email