Crush Issue IV – Call for Submissions

Issue IV: The Intersectional Issue

There is no such thing as a single-issue struggle because we do not live single-issue lives.
– Audre Lorde

For the fourth issue of CRUSH – this year presented online – we’re looking for written works (personal essays, poetry, short stories, interviews) and artwork (photography, illustrations, gifs, video) on the theme of intersectionality through the lens of the Bi+/Queer identity.

Many of us, already living with the reality of bi-erasure and bi-phobia, exist with additional marginalizations such as racism, gender discrimination, ageism, single parenthood, disability, neurodivergence, mental health and classism. Often these parts of our identity are ignored, go unaddressed, are pushed aside and are used to hold us back.

If the act of identifying is an act of re/claiming space and power, then there is great power in announcing our whole selves. And although power can come from naming the thing – it certainly does not stop there. Structural inequalities are rampant and intersectionality plays a pivotal role in uprooting those structures and re-working them to include all of us.

How do your intersectionalities impact the way your queerness manifests?

How do your intersecting identities connect you and/or isolate you from others within your communities?

How does your identity put you at risk?

How can we care for ourselves in spaces in which we are likely to be marginalized?

How can the Bi+/Queer community do better in addressing intersectionality?

What does inter-community solidarity look like?

How can we be effective allies?

How can you use the pages of CRUSH to take up space, be seen, be heard?

CRUSH is an annual publication celebrating and exploring the Bi+ experience produced in conjunction with the Toronto Bi+ Festival.
~ Submission Guidelines

Submit by: August 15, 2020

Send your submissions to with the subject:
CRUSH Submission: Full name.

Please include a short personal bio, 85 words or less and a link to your website or a preferred social media (1)

~ Written Submissions
Must be no more than 4000 words.
Once selected, a CRUSH team member may reach out to you with editing notes or suggestions.
CRUSH will choose the headline and any artwork that accompanies your writing.

~ Artwork Submissions
Images must be 300 dpi JPEG or TIFF format.
If relevant, include an artist statement no longer than 225 words.
Please mention if you are open to us using work other than what you have chosen to submit as found on your website or social media.

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