Hi, How Are You Today? began as an open invitation in May 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic, for friends (and strangers) to leave a voice message and let the artist know how they were doing, to share a poem, a rant, a story, some music, or anything else. An experiment in vulnerability, trust, and connection. 16 people called. Here are their voices.

Catherine Jones is a Toronto-based collage artist whose work explores life as a bisexual femme, madness, and chronic pain. She creates work at the intersections of digital image making, animation, collage, and photography. She is the founder of the Bi+ Arts Festival. Past projects include a collection of wearable art for “Mad Couture,” shown at the Weston Family Learning Centre- AGO (2012), a retelling of The Red Shoes for “Beneath the Surface,” a virtual exhibit for TTC commuters, and “The Ship of Fools,” (2017) a series of hand-built collaged ceramic boats created in residency at the International Ceramics Studio in KecskemĂ©t, Hungary.

– – About the Bi+ Arts Festival – –

The Bi+ Arts Festival is an annual celebration of bisexual / bi+ visibility, culture and history. We seek to connect bi+ audiences and artists and to challenge bi-erasure and biphobia in the arts. Our artists embrace many different non-monosexual identities, including bisexual, biromantic, pansexual, panromantic, mspec, omnisexual, ace/bi, polysexual, fluid, 2Spirit and queer (and others). All are welcome as audience members.

The festival is curated by all-volunteer team, and we are based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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