Monday June 8th, 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm EST (Toronto, Canada)

Location: Bi+ Arts Festival Zoom room – pre-registration required. Register here.


Join us for a series of bite-sized talks on the issues your bi+/queer friends and neighbours are passionate about. How do we uncover/recover bi+ and queer lives in film, art and photography? How important is positive representation? Did you know King David was bisexual? What can we learn from the life, loves and losses of a bisexual goose?

Guest Video Artist: Gwendolyn Audrey Foster

ARTIST STATEMENT: As a queer feminist marxist artist of détournement, my work explores the aesthetic space between film & video through collage and abstraction. I often create my films from found materials, combining elements of Surrealism, eco-feminism, punk, queerness, romantic structuralism, and chance editing (automatism). Chance is my favorite collaborator. I compose the music and soundscapes for most of my films, which have been described as surreal, contemplative, and hypnotic.

Gwendolyn Audrey Foster’s films and videos have screened at Anthology Film Archives (NYC), Museum of Modern Art MoMA (NYC), Collective for Living Cinema (NYC), Outfest (LA), Bi Arts Festival (Toronto), Alchemy Film Festival (Scotland), Analogica (Italy), FilmArte (Madrid), Experimental Response Cinema (TX), Swedish Cinemateket, National Museum of Women in the Arts (DC), Films de Femmes (Créteil), Metropolitan Museum of Art (NYC), Forum Yokohama (Japan), Amos Eno Gallery (NYC), Maryland Institute College of Art, Studio 44 (Stockholm), Museum of the Future (Berlin), BWA Contemporary Art Museum (Poland), Filmhuis Cavia (Amsterdam), nGKB gallery (Berlin), KinoBerlino (Berlin) Chimeres Space (Athens), Engauge Festival (Seattle), LACDA (LA Center for Digital Art) and other galleries, museums and film festivals.

Originally from New York City, Foster is the Willa Cather Professor of Film Studies at University of Nebraska. Foster is a filmmaker, video artist, composer, and author of books on film history, experimental film, women in film, lgbtq+ cinema, and film history. Her documentary,”The Women Who Made the Movies,” is distributed by Women Make Movies.

Foster’s film/video art is collected and archived at the UCLA Film & Television Archive.

Catherine Jones – Unexpected role models, or what I learned from Thomas – a blind, bisexual, polyamorous goose

Do role models matter anymore?  Have we deconstructed our queer and gender identities to the point of not needing them? Are role models sooooo… 20th century? Can we want role models, but avoid falling into the trap of inspiration pornography, especially around folks living with disabilities? What happens when our role models disappoint us? It’s complicated. I look to my favourite bisexual goose, Thomas, for some answers to these and other big questions.
About Catherine:  Catherine Jones (she/her) is a Toronto-based collage artist whose work explores life as a bisexual femme, madness & chronic pain.  She creates work at the intersections of digital image making, animation, collage and photography. She is the founder of the Bi+ Arts Festival.  Past projects include a collection of wearable art for “Mad Couture,” shown at the Weston Family Learning Centre- AGO (2012), a retelling of The Red Shoes for “Beneath the Surface,” a virtual exhibit for TTC commuters, and “The Ship of Fools,” (2017) a series of hand built collaged ceramic boats created in residency at the International Ceramics Studio in Kecskemét, Hungary. Her short films “My Bones Bleached White,” “1974” and “The Butterfly Collector” screened at the Rendezvous with Madness Film Festival. 

D’Arcy L. J. White – Queer Eye on the Archive

Follow D’Arcy through her days working as a cataloguer at the Ryerson Image Centre. As an openly queer staffer, D’Arcy sits in a unique position: she both enjoys, and feels obliged to question and engage the objects in the collection in order to “queer the archive”. But what does that mean? What does it entail? How reliable is an archive? How complete? How does one queer an archive?
About D’Arcy: D’Arcy L. J. White works as a cataloguer and processing assistant at the Ryerson Image Centre, and teaches cataloguing in Ryerson’s Master of Arts in Film + Photographic Preservation and Collections Management program. D’Arcy has worked with and studied photography professionally and artistically for over 25 years. D’Arcy is a cis bisexual woman who lives with anxiety and depression, as well as two black cats.

Larker Anthology – Decoding Bi+ Visual Culture

An exploration of  bi+ life, visual culture, and enabling images to form international solidarities. The presentation will be a brief intro to the circumstances of reading between the lines to (maybe!) find ourselves, to looking at images, and broadening our visual literacy. 
Larker Anthology is an independent anthology celebrating the visual heritage of the resilient communities in and around the bisexual+ spectrum. Published annually in New York City since 2013.  Larker Anthology is an independent, ad-free queer publication distributed digitally free of charge. To remove stigmas associated with bisexuality, establishing visibility is key. Supporting printing costs means that issues can be printed and donated to archives and libraries, instilling a bisexual presence within spaces that do not have, or contain little, scholarship on bi+ culture and history.

Jacob Engelberg – Bisexuality and Film: Beyond Positive/ Negative

Bisexual activist approaches to film have often centred questions of positive or negative representation, critiquing tendencies around bisexual invisibility or portrayals of bisexuality deemed negative. This talk advocates for different bisexual approaches to film and other screen media, challenging the usefulness of a positive/negative framework. Harnessing strategies from film studies, queer studies, and bisexual theory, this talk outlines critical bisexual approaches to film — approaches that attend to the medium’s potential for multiple meanings, the nonlinearity of bisexual desire, and an antinormative sensibility that resists the allure of “positive representation”. 
About Jacob: Jacob Engelberg is a bisexual, polyamorous, Jewish man from England. He is a doctoral candidate in Film Studies at King’s College London, where he is currently researching bisexual transgression in cinema from the 1970s to the 1990s. His work has been published in the Journal of Bisexuality and the journal Porn Studies, where he will be editing a special issue on bisexuality and porn.

Ruth Noble – King David was Bisexual, too!

Many have been hurt by Christian interpretation of what it means to be LGBTQ+ In this talk I will share Biblical stories of Queer people including the Bisexual King David who Jesus is a descendant of. About Ruth: I am a Bisexual woman who is also a ordained Minister in the United Church of Canada. Currently I work in the Head Office telling the stories of our Social Justice including Affirm United that works with congregations to become a place of welcome for all LGBTQASAI+ people.

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  1. So very honored to be included in Bi Arts Fest. What a remarkable programme. Thanks for all your do!! Sending lots of bi/queer Pride, gwendolyn ♥🌈 Ps Say hello on Vimeo.

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