To celebrate the 5th annual Bi+ Arts Festival (and the 23rd annual Bi+ Visibility Day) we are seeking video messages that celebrate and elevate bi+ voices* from around the world.  We will be sharing these on our youtube channel and on social media from September 23, 2021, onwards. Bi+ is an (imperfect but) umbrella term welcoming multiple multi-gendered identities, attractions and desires – including bisexual, pansexual, queer, biromantic, 2Spirit, fluid, omnisexual, m-spec and others. If you feel at home in the bi+ umbrella you are welcome to submit.

Pour fêter le 5ième festival annuel des arts bi+ (et la 23ième journée internationale de la visibilité bisexuelle), nous sollicitons des messages vidéo qui célèbrent les points de vue de gens bisexuels partout dans le monde, et en accroissent l’importance. Nous allons partager ces messages sur notre chaîne YouTube, et sur les médias sociaux, à partir du 23 septembre 2021. « Bi+ » est un terme général (mais insuffisant) lequel accueille de multiples identités, attirances, et désirs – y compris les personnes de genre fluide, les personnes bisexuelles, pansexuelles, queer, biromantiques, bispirituelles, omnisexuelles et autres. Si vous vous sentez à l’aise sous la désignation « bi+ », n’hésitez pas à nous envoyer vos soumissions. Veuillez envoyer vos soumissions à

Per festeggiare il quinto festival annuale di arte bi+ (e la ventitreesima giornata internazionale della visibilità bisessuale), siamo alla ricerca di messaggi di video che celebrano i punti di vista di gente bisessuale dappertutto nel mondo, e ne aumentano la visibilità. Condivideremo questi messaggi sul nostro canale YouTube e sui social media dal 23 settembre, 2021 in poi. “Bi+” è una parola omnicomprensiva (però insufficiente), che accoglie identità, attrazioni e desideri diversi – incluse le persone bisessuali, pansessuali, queer, biromantiche, 2Spirit, gender-fluid, omnisessuali e altre. Se vi sentite a proprio agio descrivendovi con la parola “bi+”, inviateci tranquillamente le vostre presentazioni. Per favore, inviate le vostre presentazioni a

How do I join? 

Record a message on your phone and using email, WeTransfer or another free file sharing service send a copy to us at  Record alone or with a friend, family member, kid(s), partner(s), lover(s) or roommate(s).

What is the deadline?  

Deadline Updated: September 14th, 2021.


Start your video with:

“Hi, I am [your name] and this is a postcard from [your location]” – you can be specific (ie your city, or village, territory, your location’s traditional name or name in your language) or be broad (your country)
“Hello, you can call me [your pseudonym or a nickname, or any name you choose for this video] and this is a postcard from [your location].


You are invited to tell us who you are – we want to celebrate your many beautiful intersections – are you bisexual, pansexual or two-spirit, are you non-binary or trans, are you a parent or grandparent, are you an artist or author, are you a student, are you living with a disability, visible or not, are you Indigenous or Metis, are you Black or Latinx; are you Jewish, Buddhist or Sikh? If it matters to you, it matters to us. 


Record your message. What this looks like is up to you. Some ideas (just ideas – you can do what you like):

  • Tell us what makes your city / village  special to you (camping; the food; your fave local queer space; swimming in a nearby lake; the food; festivals; the nightlife; the raccoons) – or –
  • Give a shout out to the Bi+ Arts Festival and/or to Bi+ Visibility Day (September 23) or to a specific group of bi+ folks (ie “waves hello to all other pansexual folks from the Carribean”) – or –
  • Read a poem – or –
  • Sing a song or play an instrument – or –
  • Do an interpretive dance – or –
  • Tell us what you love about being pansexual, 2Spirit, bi+, fluid or queer – or –
  • Show us something you made – a painting, a vase, a wooly sweater, a quilt or something else – or –
  • Show us around your garden, your apartment, your home or a local landmark – or –
  • Introduce us to your pet(s)


Use email, WeTransfer (or other file sharing service) to send your video to In the message field include your first name (or pseudonym) and location (for display), your contact info (this info will **not** be published, but we may need to reach you if we have questions) and if you want us to tag you, include your social media handle(s).

Terms and Conditions

By uploading your video, you confirm to us (the Bi+ Arts Festival) that you personally made and submitted the video footage you are sharing, and that you are not impersonating another person. You confirm to us that you own the rights to any material(s) you are sharing, or you have obtained consent from any and all other owners/creators/ rights holders. You agree not to violate any local or international laws, nor submit any inappropriate or libellous material. By uploading/sharing, you give consent to the Bi+ Arts Festival to share your video on our youtube channel and social media. The Festival retains the rights to remove or refuse any submissions in their sole discretion.

Who we are? 

The Bi+ Arts Festival is an annual queer cultural festival based in Toronto, Canada, celebrating bisexual, pansexual, 2Spirit, biromantic and other non-monosexual or queer voices. Reach out to us at

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