2019 Bi Arts Festival at a Glance
September 19th to 23rd, 2019

Pre~Festival Workshops included ~ Storytelling 101, Love Letters To Baby Bi’s (DIY Filmmaking), Crushing It: Ready to Submit, Labels: Your Name En-Lights.

Creative prompts from the workshop Labels: Your Name En-Lights

Thursday Sept 19th, 2019

Opening Reception for Shapeshifters @ Beaver Hall Gallery. Curated by Amanda Amour-Lynx. The goal of Shapeshifters was to enhance representation of two spirit, bisexual, fluid and queer voices in art. Peer-to-peer relationships are sorely needed. Two-spirit identities are often not represented in media or entertainment and we need to create spaces that nurture identity-based acts of creation. Our communities face exclusion in traditional and non-traditional settings. Shapeshifters is a response to voices that have gone ‘underground’ as a result of colonization, homophobia or transphobia.

Friday Sept 20th, 2019

CRUSH Zine launch @ Beaver Hall Gallery

Saturday Sept 21st, 2019

All day- PWYC workshops

11AM-4PM – Art & Craft Fair @ the 519

1PM – Human Library @ Buddies in Bad Times

2PM – Author Showcase @ Glad Day

7PM – Bodies in Resistance @ Buddies in Bad Times

Charlie Petch, at Bodies in Resistance

Sunday Sept 22nd, 2019

PWYC workshops, all day

1PM – 4:30PM – Drop-In HIV Testing @ the 519

1PM – Storytelling Open Mic @ Buddies in Bad Times

EC Marcon

3PM – Men’s Showcase @ Buddies in Bad Times

8PM – Cabaret @ Buddies in Bad Times

Monday Sept 23rd, 2019

2PM-8PM- Bi Visibility Day Open House @ Beaver Hall Gallery