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Today’s speakers address joy, love and family, from a queer and bi+ viewpoint.


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Artist Apanaki Temitayo M. shares her unconventional journey into becoming an artist and “the many ways art continues to save my life, helps me live my truth and give back to my community.” Gordon Nore talks about families and living one’s truth. Drawing from his recent article in Xtra, Gord will talk about how his father, Gord Sr. — then in his 70s — came out to him and how this influenced his own path as a bisexual man. Anjalee Nadarajan talks about the veena, a South Indian stringed instrument – both its tradition within religious iconography as well as the cultural traditions that have made it a queer instrument, at least for her. Ananda will explore what being out has meant for her children and share other adventures in parenting while bi.
Other speakers and guest poet TBA.


About Ananda: Ananda is a bi, genderfluid overwhelmed mom of two school-age kids with a desk job and a mixed orientation marriage navigating remote work, homeschooling and relentless parenting in the age of COVID. In the Before Days, she had also been a drag king named Beauregard Deville who has performed in festivals and venues around the city for the past three years.

About Anjalee: I am a brown, bisexual, gender-fluid immigrant woman. Each of these five descriptors influence my relationship to my veena. I was taught it by my mother after we immigrated to Canada. Whenever I play it, I become the self-confident, self-assured man that I could never be. Always passing as hetero, it is good to have a facet of my life where I can inhabit my bisexual identity, my desire to ‘play’ upon the body of a woman, at least within my own mind. At present I am a grad student at York University, studying English. I have a private practice at home with my veena; I am still thinking through on how to include it within the wider world. I also write, and my work has been published in Toronto-based zines.

About Apanaki: Born in Toronto and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, Apanaki Temitayo M (she/her) is a bi-sexual, single mother of three. She is an author, spoken word poet, actor, multimedia artist and teacher. Her canvas compositions are an expression of her Trinidadian heritage and spirituality. Apanaki is currently the CAMH 1st Artist in Wellness. She is currently an Art Facilitator with Workman Arts Art Cart Program and the Textile Museum of Canada, Community Voices Outreach Program. She was the Workman Arts Artist-in-Residence for 2017 – 2018. She has been featured at Workman Arts, Being Scene 18th Annual Juried Exhibition 2019 at the Toronto Media Art Gallery. She has made her international debut at the North Charleston Cultural Arts Department, 9th Annual African American Fiber Art Exhibition: Maya Angelou, with her original artwork, Mama’s Watching in South Carolina. Her New York debut at The Amazing Nina Simone Documentary Film by Jeff Lieberman, with her piece Nina Simone Fragmented. She honoured to be the first woman of colour to be in Room Magazine: Woman of Color Issue for 2016 and her commissioned artwork Oshun Blooming was the face of Grow Room Feminist Literary Art Festival, 2018. Apanaki currently teaching her art practice at Workman Arts Encore Program for Inpatients, with experience as a facilitator CAMH, Gifts of Light, Workman Arts Art-Cart Program, Toronto East General Hospital, Mental Health Outpatient Clinic, Drop-In Art Class and at Workman Arts, CAMH. Rise Asset Development helped to support her in becoming the Sole Proprietor of APNKI Designs. Her handicrafts and fine artwork merchandise, soft furnishings and accessories, are all made in Canada. She received an Honorable Mention for 2015 and received the Rise’s Peer Powered EnterpRISEr of the Year Award at the Dr. Paul E.Garfinkel Award for Entrepreneurial Achievement 2015, RISE Asset Development, from Rotman School of Business, University of Toronto, 2015.

About Gordon: Gordon Nore is an educator, activist and writer living Takaronto, unceded territory. He has advised Queer Straight Alliances at the elementary school level. An unapologetic snowflake, he is also passionate about caffeine and banjos. Find him online at @gordonnore and

Pre-register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

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